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Welcome to Electronic Circuits and Components

Electronics has become part of our everyday lives. We watch TV, listen to our music systems, call our friends on our mobile phones, and use our computers for entertainment and education. In fact, when we fly, sail, drive, or when we are ill, our lives may depend on electronics. Despite this, we are usually happy to take it for granted that extremely complex electronic systems will carry on working reliably and efficiently - rarely do we ever consider the hundreds and thousands of tiny components that actually make these systems work!

This course is designed to provide you with a comprehensive and up-to-date introduction to the world of electronics. It has been designed to help you understand the behaviour of electronic components and the circuits into which they are connected. The course will help you to read circuit diagrams and recognize electronic components in real circuits. In other words, it will show you what electronic components do and how they work.

Information on how to best use this course is contained in this introduction section. You are advised to read this section first.

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