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About this Course

This course, a collaboration between Mike Tooley and Matrix Multimedia, was first published by on CD ROM in around 1996. Over a period of 15 years several thousand copies of the CD ROM were sold all over the world – to hobbyists, schools and other educational institutions.

With the advent of the internet the sales of the content have declined and so Mike Tooley and Matrix have decided to make the content free for all to access via Matrix’s web site.

The course and all content remains the copyright of Matrix and Mike Tooley © 1996-2011.

The course represents a combination of a number of syllabuses which cover basic electronics. This is one of a number of titles in a series of CD ROMs which cover subjects in electronics:

  1. Electronic Circuits and Components
  2. Digital Electronics
  3. Analogue electronics
  4. Robotics and Mechatronics
  5. Introduction to microcontroller programming
  6. Assembly for PICmicro microcontrollers
  7. C for 16 series PICmicro microcontrollers
  8. C for AVR microcontrollers
  9. C for ARM microcontrollers
  10. Programmable logic techniques

Of course nothing is totally free: in the process of using this course we will expose you to adverts for our products in the hope that you will like what you see and buy them. Please forgive us for wasting just a little of your time in this way – but we hope that you agree that the trade-off of your time for the value of this course is a fair deal.

At the time of publishing (September 2011) this is something of an experiment in online publishing with just two titles released for free use by everyone: Electronic circuits and components, and Introduction to microcontroller programming. If customers find this resource useful then we will consider expanding the range of material on offer.

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