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How to use this Course

This course is designed to build understanding of electronics from the ground up. You are advised to follow the content of the course as we have developed it. Of course you can also use it as a general reference for electronics.

Within the course you will find various kinds of assessments: quizzes, tests and worksheets. If you are working through this course to build your understanding of electronics then we would think that you would spend more time on the worksheets than in reading the course. The worksheets are designed to test and build your understanding of the course material presented here.

The worksheets can be carried out using real electronics hardware or circuit simulation software.

If you are in an institution and want to carry out the worksheets using real hardware then we hope that you will consider the Locktronics range of products. Locktronics is a range of rugged electronic components that simplifies the process of learning electricity and electronics. Locktronics can be purchased from the Matrix web site.

Locktronics is sold with an additional range of worksheets covering electricity and electronics which are supplied free of charge with the Locktronics kits. You can view these worksheets on the Matrix web site.

For most worksheets a link to a TINA circuit simulation file is included. TINA is a Computer Aided Design software package that allows you to design a circuit and simulate it on screen, and to change the values in the circuit to understand how the circuit behaves. You can also design your own circuits and circuit boards within TINA. You can buy TINA from the Matrix web site. In addition to using a simulation tool to investigate electronic circuits you are also advised to carry out practical experiments using real electronics components and test gear. Things are always different in real life.

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