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E-blocks Bundles - Technology Transfer

E-Blocks Bundles - Technology Transfer x


These bundles give development engineers all the technology needed to rapidly create sophisticated electronic systems.

These bundles provide complete 50 hour courses for learners who want to master microcontroller system development.

These bundles of Software/Courseware and E-blocks hardware each include a device programmer board and a number of E-blocks application boards, as well as software for learning about and developing electronic systems.

These bundles are designed with 'technology transfer' in mind. They are suitable for engineers who need to rapidly develop electronic systems based on the technology in question. The bundles include the appropriate hardware circuits which are complimented by the appropriate software ‘drivers’ included in Flowcode. All circuit diagrams are provided in the hardware data sheets enabling engineers to easily develop fully functioning circuit boards. Quick start manuals and sample programs are available for each bundle.

Main photo: Engineer Jim Fell used an E-blocks and Flowcode bundle to hack into his Toyota Prius CAN bus,
add a Lithium-Ion battery and get more than 100miles per gallon from his car.

E-blocks User Guide Technical Guide
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pdf Brochure

pdf User Guide
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Resource Date Version (Old) Type
Eblocks Warranty Information2011-04-261   pdf.jpg Icon
Installation Guide for E-blocks2011-04-261   pdf.jpg Icon
Introduction to Eblocks Video2011-04-041   vid.gif Icon
Using VB with Eblocks2011-03-301   soft.gif Icon
What are Eblocks? Presentation2011-04-271   pdf.jpg Icon
E-blocks User Guide2012-06-291   pdf.jpg Icon
E-blocks Sensors Datasheet2014-03-171   pdf.jpg Icon


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