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E-blocks Circuit boards

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The 70 boards in the E-blocks range allow developers and learners to rapidly develop a wide range of electronic systems.

The breadth of E-blocks users includes hobbyists, educational institutions and companies like
Coca-Cola, Siemens, and IBM.

E-Blocks are small circuit boards each of which contains a block of electronics that you would typically find in an electronic or embedded system. There are More than 50 separate circuit boards in the range; from simple LED boards to more complex boards like device programmers, Bluetooth and TCP/IP.

E-blocks can be snapped together to form a wide variety of systems that can be used for teaching/learning electronics and for the rapid prototyping of complex electronic systems. Separate ranges of complementary software, curriculum, sensors, and applications information are available.

E-blocks support a number of programmable devices from the PIC, dsPIC, PIC24, ARM, AVR and Altera FPGA families. Communications standards supported include SPI, RS232, I2C, TCP/IP, USB, LIN, CAN, Bluetooth, GSM, GPS, ZigBee, RFID, MIDI, IrDA, RF(ISM), RC5, RS485 and more.

E-blocks User Guide Technical Guide
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Resource Date Version (Old) Type
Eblocks Warranty Information2011-04-261   pdf.jpg Icon
Installation Guide for E-blocks2011-04-261   pdf.jpg Icon
Introduction to Eblocks Video2011-04-041   vid.gif Icon
Using VB with Eblocks2011-03-301   soft.gif Icon
What are Eblocks? Presentation2011-04-271   pdf.jpg Icon
E-blocks User Guide2012-06-291   pdf.jpg Icon
E-blocks Sensors Datasheet2014-03-171   pdf.jpg Icon


 Picture of E-blocks+terminal+board
E-blocks terminal board
 Picture of E-blocks+sensor+interface
E-blocks sensor interface
 Picture of E-Blocks+LED+board
E-Blocks LED board
 Picture of E-Blocks+LCD+board
E-Blocks LCD board
 Picture of E-Blocks+PICmicro+multiprogrammer+version+9
E-Blocks PICmicro multiprogrammer version 9
 Picture of E-Blocks+push-to-make+switch+board
E-Blocks push-to-make switch board
 Picture of E-Blocks+Dual+7-segment+display
E-Blocks Dual 7-segment display
 Picture of E-blocks+power+board
E-blocks power board
 Picture of E-blocks+IR%2FIrDA+transceiver+board
E-blocks IR/IrDA transceiver board
 Picture of E-blocks+SPI+bus+D%2FA+and+memory+board
E-blocks SPI bus D/A and memory board
 Picture of E-blocks+Keypad+board
E-blocks Keypad board
 Picture of E-blocks+RS232+board
E-blocks RS232 board
 Picture of E-Blocks+Prototype+board
E-Blocks Prototype board
 Picture of E-blocks+patch+board+kit
E-blocks patch board kit
 Picture of E-blocks+CAN+bus+board
E-blocks CAN bus board
 Picture of E-blocks+Midi+interface
E-blocks Midi interface
 Picture of E-blocks+internet+board
E-blocks internet board
 Picture of E-blocks+Bluetooth+board
E-blocks Bluetooth board
 Picture of E-blocks+voice+CODEC+board
E-blocks voice CODEC board
 Picture of E-blocks+PS2%2FVGA+board
E-blocks PS2/VGA board
 Picture of E-blocks+Opto-isolator+board
E-blocks Opto-isolator board
 Picture of E-blocks+MMC+card+reader+board
E-blocks MMC card reader board
 Picture of E-blocks+relay+board
E-blocks relay board
 Picture of E-blocks+USB+232+board
E-blocks USB 232 board
 Picture of E-blocks+CAN+Bus+Faults+board
E-blocks CAN Bus Faults board
 Picture of E-blocks+Zigbee+coordinator+board
E-blocks Zigbee coordinator board
 Picture of E-blocks+Zigbee+router+board
E-blocks Zigbee router board
 Picture of E-blocks+RFID
E-blocks RFID
 Picture of E-blocks+PASCO+sensor+board
E-blocks PASCO sensor board
 Picture of E-blocks+USB+interface+board
E-blocks USB interface board
 Picture of E-blocks+GPS+board
E-blocks GPS board
 Picture of E-blocks+Servo+board
E-blocks Servo board
 Picture of E-blocks+RC5+Infrared+board
E-blocks RC5 Infrared board
 Picture of E-blocks+RS485+board
E-blocks RS485 board
 Picture of E-blocks+ISM-band+RF+board+with+433+module
E-blocks ISM-band RF board with 433 module
 Picture of E-blocks+ISM-band+RF+board+with+868+module
E-blocks ISM-band RF board with 868 module
 Picture of E-blocks+ISM-band+RF+board+with+915+module
E-blocks ISM-band RF board with 915 module
 Picture of E-blocks+dsPIC%2FPIC24+Multiprogrammer
E-blocks dsPIC/PIC24 Multiprogrammer
 Picture of E-blocks+GSM+board
E-blocks GSM board
 Picture of E-blocks+Basic+sensors+board
E-blocks Basic sensors board
 Picture of E-blocks+motion+sensor+board
E-blocks motion sensor board
 Picture of E-blocks+wireless+LAN+%2F+WiFi+board
E-blocks wireless LAN / WiFi board
 Picture of E-blocks+VGA+multimedia+module
E-blocks VGA multimedia module
 Picture of E-blocks+rotary+encoder+board
E-blocks rotary encoder board
 Picture of E-blocks+slide+switch+board
E-blocks slide switch board
 Picture of E-blocks+1.44%22+LCD+multimedia+board
E-blocks 1.44" LCD multimedia board
 Picture of E-blocks+1.5%22+OLED+multimedia+board
E-blocks 1.5" OLED multimedia board
 Picture of E-blocks+4D+touch+screen+board
E-blocks 4D touch screen board
 Picture of E-Blocks+Combo+Board
E-Blocks Combo Board
 Picture of E-blocks+gLCD+board
E-blocks gLCD board
 Picture of DSP+Input+Board
DSP Input Board
 Picture of DSP+Output+Board
DSP Output Board
 Picture of E-blocks+LED+array+board
E-blocks LED array board
 Picture of E-blocks+Cap-touch+board
E-blocks Cap-touch board
 Picture of E-blocks+FPGA+Board
E-blocks FPGA Board
 Picture of E-blocks+sensors+mother+board
E-blocks sensors mother board
 Picture of dsPIC+Ghost+Board
dsPIC Ghost Board
 Picture of E-blocks+Arduino+Mega+Shield
E-blocks Arduino Mega Shield
 Picture of E-blocks+Arduino+Uno+Shield
E-blocks Arduino Uno Shield
 Picture of E-Blocks+FET+Motor+Driver+Board
E-Blocks FET Motor Driver Board
 Picture of E-blocks+DC+Motor+Speed+Trainer
E-blocks DC Motor Speed Trainer
 Picture of E-blocks+ARM+microcontroller+programmer
E-blocks ARM microcontroller programmer
 Picture of E-blocks+AVR+microcontroller+multiprogrammer
E-blocks AVR microcontroller multiprogrammer
 Picture of Raspberry+Pi+expansion+board+with+cable
Raspberry Pi expansion board with cable
 Picture of Raspberry+Pi+expansion+board+and+case+kit
Raspberry Pi expansion board and case kit
 Picture of E-blocks+gLCD+display+module
E-blocks gLCD display module
 Picture of USB+project+board
USB project board
 Picture of E-blocks+AVR+development+board+combo
E-blocks AVR development board combo
 Picture of FlowKit+in-circuit+debug+system
FlowKit in-circuit debug system
 Picture of Maze+walls
Maze walls
 Picture of USB+prototype+board
USB prototype board
 Picture of E-Blocks+Development+Board+and+EB006+Combo
E-Blocks Development Board and EB006 Combo
 Picture of Development+board+and+Raspberry+Pi+interface+combo
Development board and Raspberry Pi interface combo
 Picture of Flowkit+V2+Arduino+Shield
Flowkit V2 Arduino Shield
 Picture of FlowKit+V2
FlowKit V2
 Picture of PICmicro+development+centre+kit
PICmicro development centre kit
 Picture of Development+board+and+Arduino+shield+combo
Development board and Arduino shield combo
 Picture of Christmas+Tree+Kit
Christmas Tree Kit
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