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E-blocks Sensors

E-Blocks Sensors x


This range of lab sensors allows you to gather real world data for your electronic system.

These sensors are rugged and reliable, and each includes information on the relationship between the quantity measured and the electronic output.

To enhance your embedded projects and development work we stock a wide range of lab sensors which are compatible with many Matrix products. Sensors range from simple passive sensors, like the Temperature probe,
through to active sensors such as the Force plate which allows you to measure the weight of an object.

E-blocks User Guide Technical Guide
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pdf Brochure

pdf User Guide
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Resource Date Version (Old) Type
Eblocks Warranty Information2011-04-261   pdf.jpg Icon
Installation Guide for E-blocks2011-04-261   pdf.jpg Icon
Introduction to Eblocks Video2011-04-041   vid.gif Icon
Using VB with Eblocks2011-03-301   soft.gif Icon
What are Eblocks? Presentation2011-04-271   pdf.jpg Icon
E-blocks User Guide2012-06-291   pdf.jpg Icon
E-blocks Sensors Datasheet2014-03-171   pdf.jpg Icon


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