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E-blocks Starter Packs

E-Blocks Starter Packs x E-Blocks

These starter packs are available at a discount to the sum of the individual parts, providing a cost effective way of purchasing a selection of E-blocks for general lab use.

Starter packs are designed with educational institutions in mind: they include a rugged backplane which will extend the life of the boards, and trays for storing the items when not in use.

Each starter pack includes a device programmer board and a number of E-blocks application boards which are suitable for general lab use. The starter packs include a power supply, cables, a rugged metal backplane for mounting E-blocks on, quick snap mounting pillars, nuts and bolts, and storage trays. For each starter pack a software download utility is provided which allows you to download your program to the device.

CD ROM based course material which supports learning about device programming using Flowcode, C, Assembly, VHDL or Verilog. Is available as an optional extra.

E-blocks User Guide Technical Guide
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pdf Brochure

pdf User Guide
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Resource Date Version (Old) Type
Eblocks Warranty Information2011-04-261   pdf.jpg Icon
Installation Guide for E-blocks2011-04-261   pdf.jpg Icon
Introduction to Eblocks Video2011-04-041   vid.gif Icon
Using VB with Eblocks2011-03-301   soft.gif Icon
What are Eblocks? Presentation2011-04-271   pdf.jpg Icon
E-blocks User Guide2012-06-291   pdf.jpg Icon
E-blocks Sensors Datasheet2014-03-171   pdf.jpg Icon


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