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Flowcode is one of the world's most advanced graphical programming languages for microcontrollers. The great advantage of Flowcode is that it allows those with little to no programming experience to create complex electronic systems in minutes. Flowcode is available in multiple languages and currently supports the PICmicro, dsPIC, PIC24, AVR/Arduino and ARM series of microcontrollers.

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Buying Flowcode

Interested in buying Flowcode? Click here for more information on the Packs and what each unlocks for you within Flowcode.

Chip packs: Select to allow your Flowcode licence to become compatible with one or multiple chip variants.

Professional/Commercial: To use your Flowcode licence in a commercial environment you must add the ‘professional pack’ to your basket. The professional pack ‘unlocks’ a range of other components. Click here for full licence information.

Academic user licences: Please contact Matrix direct for more information and academic pricing.

Multi-user licences: Please contact Matrix direct for more information on multi-user licences and pricing.

Please select any number of Chip Packs you wish to purchase with this licence, also available is the Professional upgrade pack, this allows you to use all the pre-built advanced components within Flowcode as well as many other exciting features.

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Upgrading? Enter your old v4/v5 key below to see what discounts you get for your Flowcode v6 licence.

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