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Flowcode Schools Edition

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The Flowcode Schools Edition(SE) range of products are designed to deliver outcomes in both Design & Technology and Computer Science at age 13 to 16.

Flowcode SE is a function limited version of Flowcode for Arduino programming and PIC programming which allows students to develop programs for microcontrollers and Windows compatible PCs.


The Flowcode SE range of products includes Flowcode software, low cost microcontroller based development tools, electronic kits and a range of free Technology and Computer Science curriculum packs that are used to guide students through the learning process.

Design Technology (D&T) students can use Flowcode to learn about programming, circuit and product development based on selected PIC, AVR, and Arduino microcontrollers and on a Windows PC. D&T students can use Flowcode SE to design and simulate microcontroller based designs at the same time as modelling electromechanical components and systems.

Computer Science students can use Flowcode SE as a PIC or Arduino IDE at various levels: starting with simple program construction using Flowcharts, working up to complex programs with subroutines, interrupts, complex data structures, external files and networked computers and devices.

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