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For nearly 20 years Matrix has been developing and marketing high quality resources for both learning about, and building, electronic system. Our goals are simple; we want to make products that work well, that are flexible, that are heavily used in educational institutions, that are rugged, that are well supported with curriculum materials and technical information, that are well designed, that use up-to-date technology, that are good value for money, and that have a low learning curve

We believe we achieve all of this. Our products are used by more than 3,000 educational institutions world-wide in 20 languages, but we don´t just provide resources for learning. We also provide design and development tools to some of the biggest companies in the world. Our philosophy here is unique; we know that engineers who are developing products are continually learning. We marry the processes of learning and building electronic systems together in a range of products which provide a rapid development environment as well as a rich and motivating learning experience.

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Flowcode MIAC E-blocks ECIO Formula Flowcode
Flowcode MIAC E-blocks ECIO Formula Flowcode



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