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Locktronics Automotive range

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Locktronics automotive electrical

The Locktronics automotive electrical range gives technicians the basic skills to solve automotive electrical problems.

The Locktronics automotive range is used by hundreds of vocational schools and global automotive companies like Honda, GM, Porsche, Mercedes, and Kia.

The Locktronics automotive range has been designed to meet the electrical training requirements of both industry and education. The range is split into three levels for basic, intermediate and advanced students. For each level Locktronics hardware solutions and curriculum course packs are provided.

The Locktronics approach is ideal for those studying automotive engineering courses and automotive technicians. The electronic kits allow student and technicians to gain a good understanding of components, circuits, and circuit fault finding through the process of building Locktronics circuits and carrying out the associated experiments.

Curriculum for the Locktronics automotive series are free of charge: click on the curriculum download links to see read only versions.

Solutions with both DIN/SB (European) and ANSI (North American) circuit symbols are available.

Locktronics automotive engineering courses User Guide automotive electrical training Technical Guide electrical training Components Guide
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Curriculum, courses, applications and information

Series Curriculum Product Type
Automotive Basic Electricity Matters 1 LK9071 Download IconUk
Automotive Basic Electricity Matters 2 LK9071 Download IconUk
Automotive Basic Elektrizitätslehre 1 LK9071 Download IconGerman
Automotive Basic Elektrizitätslehre 2 LK9071 Download IconGerman
Automotive Basic Matières électriques 1 LK9071 Download IconGerman
Automotive Basic Matières électriques 2 LK9071 Download IconGerman
Automotive Intermediate AC principals for automotive technicians LK8222 Download IconUk
Automotive Intermediate Motors and generators LK7444 Automotive electronic kitsUk
Automotive Intermediate Motoren und Generatoren LK4221 electrical training auto technicianGerman
Automotive Intermediate Introduction to digital electronics LK4221 automotive engineering coursesUk
Automotive Intermediate Einführung in die digitale Elektronik LK4221 Download IconGerman
Automotive Advanced Automotive Sense and Control LK9834 Download IconUk
Automotive Advanced CAN Bus Systems and Control LK7629 Download IconUk
Automotive Advanced Hybrid Trainer Curriculum LK6483 Download IconUk
Resources Title Size Type
Automotive Locktronics Automotive Presentation 14 mb PPT
Automotive Locktronics Hybrid Training Video 32 mb vid
Automotive Locktronics CAN Bus Solution Video 10 mb vid


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