I want to calulate azimuth and elevation in Flowcode PICmicr

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I want to calulate azimuth and elevation in Flowcode PICmicr

Postby MonieJacobsen » Fri Jul 13, 2012 5:16 pm

I want to calulate azimuth and elevation in Flowcode PICmicro

Please will somebody help me to implant azimuth og elevation Flowcodes
into the program Flowcode V5.2 for PICmicro
Need to Calculate azimuth (East / West) and elevation (Up / Down)
I am not able to do that myself, therfore i need your help to do the calculations.

I want the codes to be installed in Matrix MIAC Eller ECIO40P

Input for longitude and latitude.
My latitude and longitude are:
Latitude = 55.121612
longitude = 10.512711

Output every 5 minutes or when needed.
az = azimuth east of north
alt = altitude above horizon

I refer to Weblink:


See following web-site for C codes:

The link here is a link with an in depth description and somebody code http://www.nrel.gov/docs/fy08osti/34302.pdf

In Flwcode PICmicro is it not rossible to use Sin, Cos directly.
See following web.

Are there anyone who can and will make the above mentioned for me?
Please tel me how much you want to do it?

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