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v3 and v5 on one PC

Posted: Thu Mar 13, 2014 9:10 pm
by echase
As reported here viewtopic.php?f=46&t=12017 I had trouble taking a v3 fcd and recompiling it using v5. Some code failed to fully work on the PIC even though it worked when compiled for v3 and put on PIC. I stopped using v5 for a year because I did not trust it but just had the problem again wth a different project. Again, as in that link, it’s the A/D side of the code that is most noticeably non functioning.

Think I have located the problem to having both v3 and v5 coexisting on one PC (or at least my incarnaion of a dual version PC). It all works fine on a PC with the just v5. But if the hex file thus generated is taken across to a dual PC and loaded to PIC with PICkit Programmer software it only works if v5 is not opened at same time, even if the opened v5 programme is not actually being used to generate any code. Why?

2 questions

1) Are the fcd and C files generated on the dual machine by v5 accurate? If so one fix is to take that fcd and use the single machine to compile it to hex and load it to PIC.

2) Is there any fix that would stop v5 preventing the PICkit Programmer correctly loading the hex?

I am using v5.4.0

Re: v3 and v5 on one PC

Posted: Tue Mar 18, 2014 3:13 pm
by echase
Aside from the hex file what data/file does the loading software, be it PICkit’s version or Flowcode’s, pick up to create the entire load? Something to do with clock speed and config words?? I think it is this side of things that is going wrong.

I am using Windows 7 on the dual PC and Visa on the other.