RFID secure like DESFIRE...

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RFID secure like DESFIRE...

Postby MJU » Fri Dec 11, 2015 12:40 am

I've been looking to make a lock that uses RFID, but everyone tells me that the normal RFID is the most insecure thing to use.

MIFARE is a much used RFID technology but is hacked faster that a blink of an eye.
But people tend to find MIFARE DESFIRE a better way of using RFID in a safe way.

This is too much asked, I know, but the Matrix headquarter has to be secured too..
I've got an great idea!

Why not implement this secure way of using RFID in Flowcode???
Why didn't somebody else think about this??? :D

I've been reading about this for days but it's too difficult for me.
What I've found is a library in a NFC forum:
http://forums.nfc-tools.org/topic/161/d ... ntication/
http://forums.nfc-tools.org/topic/199/c ... bfreefare/
but I don't know if this easily translated into Flowcode?

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Re: RFID secure like DESFIRE...

Postby EtsDriver » Fri Dec 11, 2015 8:47 am

I haven't seen any "easy" mifare rfid chips used in secure systems, like buscards, traincards, banking, heavy security building systems or etc.
Usually those are infineon chips... :D

But for diy lock, insurance companies don't like those.. :/
Ill just keep the good work up!