[solved] FCDx Editor

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[solved] FCDx Editor

Postby Rudi » Sun Jan 24, 2016 2:24 am

Hi guys

for bug fixes by hand or future chips explizit same licensed Microcontroller Family chip pack,
that are new on market, and no support just in time from FC, have we a FCD Editor/Creator in FC for
edit this / start in first time to try this byself?

if not, why we not create a specify like xml structure fcd tool, that can read/edit/create the FCD file for the chip`?

if that is not planned, maybe would start something even with python or other free programming language.

it is sometimes awkward to edit the xml file by hand if there are bug fixes.
and the way it can also be used for new chips in future.

what you mean?

best wishes
rudi ;-)
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Re: FCDx Editor

Postby EtsDriver » Sun Jan 24, 2016 9:45 am

That would lead to risk of multiple "tried to get it working" chips that the compiler doesn't support, and the support would have a hard time trying to sort out problems with people's own chip files and then there might be risk that other user uses *this* version and it works on *that* code, but other user uses *other* and *that* file doesn't work. That would make support team would have a excessive workload that goes out of control.
Ill just keep the good work up!