AES256 beta

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AES256 beta

Postby Rudi » Tue May 26, 2015 2:21 pm

It is AES-256, not AES-128.
This is fully compatible with FIPS-197.
support Mode ECB (electronic codebook )

in process:
CBC (cipher block chaining), CFB (cipher feedback) , OFB (output feedback, in 8bit)
support choose between using dynamic or pre-computed tables

my name is rudi and i come from germany ;-)
i have test fc6 long time and not allways i can start mistake free because fc is full with surprise me in each projekt. but i think i have learn step by step from the top developer like MM STUFF (benj, leigh, here in the forum and the helpfull valued contributor'S like medelec35, Jordy101091, kersing, and many other here.

now is time to say: "thank you" ;-)
i have finnished in beta stadium my first icon : AES256
why i start this:
i develop with many mc, also the wolrd's SoC ESP8266. and here begin the storry.
i have make same things with ESP8266, and can protect the firmware better, also the loop data in uart and debugger data are now AES256 crypted. later time i will post video and details to the ESP8266 AES256 theme, too. ( i must wait for an ok from espressif ) here i have make the icon for fc6 , because i need crypted pipes between UART-UART ( firmware update, debugger data, data send/receive ) and i am happy to show you this in a example and can give the AES256 Beta icon here for demonstrate for free use in your things. let me know what you are thinking, please.
my base was this found's ( links ) in internet and i make a request in AES256 . i wait for the doings in the list but i wait long time ;-) - ( benj i know .. the wish is in the list.. but i cant wait ) so i start still in the moment with own go on in this and?
`..i think -- the beta thing i can show it.
this icon will be a base for testings in FC6 between mikrocontrollers and esp8266 too, so not only "stringtext" data can be crypted and decrypted, you can do this in all doings with byte in I2C, SPI, (H)SPI, CAN, and so on....
have a try with this and let me know what you are thinking.
I start with the Mode: ECB
send data ( 16 byte )and the key (32 ) to the makro [crypt/decrypt] and you will get [decrypted/crypted]data back. in the example i make this by using a header:
"enc" for encrypt / "dec" for decrypt and close the data block [20] with an 'r'
you can make it with your own procedure,, the makros [crypt/decrypt]need parameter's
DATA[16] and KEY[32] and will response with get[16].

two things in makro are just in time inaktive: Init and change_key

my base for coding AES256 was:
edit: link
thanks to: Ilya O. Levin and Fyodor Yarochkin
online test tool:

have phun
best wishes
rudi ;-) i will post later all in the world the "ESP8266 AES256 Theme"
i will added firmware for show "ESP8266 AES256" .. done! asap.

to do in next version and workarrounds:
a) if user send only 1 byte
fill out the rest with 0x00 is not support in this example, but in AES256Beta icon, so please, send in this beta your one byte and 15 0x00 this crypt your 16 byte data well. for decrypt, send the crypted data ( 16 bytes ) for decrypting and catch the first byte that you will get in the 16 byte, this will be your decrypted crypted one byte. if you receive by string :) this 0x00 will cut the string automatically :) .. bugs are futuring things :)
b) CBC Mode
c) CFB Mode
d) OFB Mode
e) choice for dynamic/pre-computed tables
f) release V 1.0
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Re: AES256 beta

Postby Rudi » Tue May 26, 2015 2:23 pm

The icon and a sample

best wishes

rudi ;-)
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