boostc_16F.exe reported error code 1 -- one cause

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boostc_16F.exe reported error code 1 -- one cause

Postby gtc » Wed Jul 08, 2015 10:32 am

I have found a few postings on this forum about this particularly unhelpful message from the BoostC compiler:

C:\Program Files\Flowcode 6\compilers\pic\boostc\boostc_16F.exe reported error code 1

It appears that there are numerous causes for "error code 1" and, after a lot of wasted time, I have found one of them.

A Flowcode program uses the fmod() function, but the target 12F series PIC chip does not support floating point. This fact does not worry Flowcode's simulation, but it does cause the compile and link process to halt with "error code 1". Removing the fmod() call allows the Compile to Hex process to complete.

It seems to me that "error code 1" means "I took an error exit, but I don't know why".

IMO, SourceBoost Technologies programmers can do a whole lot better than this, and Matrix ought to be asking them to step up and do it.

And Matrix ought to be able to trap use of an illegal function/data type for a given target chip within Flowcode, too.