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GLCD EB076V2 wont work correctly

Posted: Fri Jul 29, 2016 7:02 am
by Zane

I have tried using the EB076V2 display component. If you display an image from the SD card with the offset generated by graphics composer and the offset is zero the image will display ok. If the image is at an offset greater than zero the display will no longer work. FC6 has the same problem with its component.

See this post for the problems i have had with the FC6 version of this component The last post, i have attached a file for some code for accessing these images and under FC6 and it works ok.

If i use the code that i created for the component for the display, under FC7 when you try to compile the code i also get these error messages.

Flowcode4.c: FCM_Ev_Property()
137: MX_CHAR FCL_TEMPSTRING[20] = ("");
^ (202) only lvalues can be assigned to or modified
Flowcode4.c: FCM_InitialiseDisplay()
253: MX_UINT8 FCL_BUFFER[3] = ("");
^ (202) only lvalues can be assigned to or modified

I guess there is something the new compiler does not like that boostc didnt mind. What is needed to work around this problem?


Re: GLCD EB076V2 wont work correctly

Posted: Sat Jul 30, 2016 1:43 am
by Zane
I have had a look at the above errors. When a variable is created that is an array and its initial value is set to being empty by placing "" in the initial value field, under FC6 this seemed to be fine. With FC7 the above errors are generated. By leaving the initial value field blank for array type variables, this allows the code to compile without errors. Is there something else that needs to be placed in the initial value field to signify an empty array?

As for the other problems with what is mentioned above, they are still present.