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Postby Rotac » Sat Mar 07, 2015 12:00 pm


For a bigger program as normal, i have thosen this one 18F26K20.
it works in simulation, but does not work at the board.
For test I made a simple program one input port A (0) and one output in B(0), if port A0 = 1 than B0 is 1 (led On)
It works in simulation mode, but still not at the board (EB006-00-7), Im using Flowcode V5.x

after sent it to the PIC:

Writing program memory
Writing configuration memory
Programming failed: <1><2><3><5><6><8><9><10><11>
That took 4,14 seconds
Resultaat = 0

I think the problem is in the chip configuration, with all the adjust possibilities, but which are the correct one?
I select the HS in settings and on the board both switches to the right.

Have some experience with this type of microchip?