WS2812B - Microchip or Atmega ?

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WS2812B - Microchip or Atmega ?

Postby Frank607 » Thu Oct 17, 2019 10:33 am

WS2812B - Microchip or Atmega ?

I need to control 300 WS2812B LEDs (5 meter) Before I start developing a driver board I need to know which chip I should use for this project.

I have read that the younger Microchip devices such as the PIC16F1509 are fast enough to control 300 WS2812B LEDS. Or should I use an Atmega328 ?

Maybe there are other “better” devices for this project.

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Re: WS2812B - Microchip or Atmega ?

Postby mnf » Thu Oct 17, 2019 1:46 pm

I've used an Arduino Uno 328p with success, but bear in mind the limited ram might cause problems with longer strands of LEDs.
I've been trying to get at Attiny85 working- it works beautifully with a 60 led strand using adafruit's strandtest (power from 5v pin on a digistump board) and also Josh's code see ... -them/amp/ yesterday I got this to compile ( but not work) as supplementary code. This technique has the advantage that the contents are not buffered in ram so longer strands can be controlled.
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