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E-blocks interface shield for Arduino

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Key Features

  • E-blocks compatible
  • Protects your Arduino upstream board
  • Brings out all the standard Arduino functionality
  • Arduino programmable via USB or ICSP connections
  • 5V and 3V3 Voltage compatible
E-blocks interface shield for ArduinoEB081 £25.00 


The Arduino Shield is part of the E-blocks range of circuit boards. The board allows you to connect a standard Arduino module into an E-blocks system and take advantage of the large range of rugged E-blocks boards. The E-blocks D-type connectors provide a bus system that enables clean access to all I/O lines. This allows you to use standard E-blocks with the Arduino upstream microcontroller architecture. All the standard signals from the Arduino board are brought across onto the shield board including the reset switch, power LED, microcontroller VCC, analogue reference, ICSP header and screw terminals to allow for easy connection with the voltage regulators on the Arduino board.

Arduino board not included.


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EB081 Datasheet2012-09-281   resource image

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