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Electrical Engineering

Simplifying electrical engineering

A growing area for Matrix is electrical engineering. In most cases, the solutions you find here will link to a British BTEC qualification which is considered by many in the UK to be the gold standard in engineering education. Our solutions deliver a focus on learning through building which motivates and challenges students. We will be adding further products to this section through the course of 2015 so check back for more details or get in touch.

Level 4, 5, 6


Three phase systems

This pack is suitable for initial investigations into three phase systems. The pack includes the parts needed to set up three phase systems based on star and delta topologies

Level 3


Electrical & electronic engineering

This kit, with its accompanying 70 page workbook, is intended to reinforce the learning that takes place in the classroom or lecture room for intermediate level courses.


Industrial sensor, actuator and control

This solution provides an introduction to the role of industrial controllers in engineering.Students learn industrial control by developing programs that solve a series of tasks set for them.

"Locktronics solutions are portable, easy to store and simple to use; Ideal for practical lab-work in classroom environments. The included curriculum material, was suitably designed for teaching of BTEC qualifications and can be easily adapted to meet the Scottish Electrical engineering curriculum from National 4/5 through to HNC/D level.

With these kits our students can quickly build and test a wide range of circuits. The simple connection method makes it easy for students to try different component values and configurations, thereby gaining a deeper understanding of electrical principles and circuit operation."

Bill Crawford, Forth Valley College, Scotland

Students using the Electrical Engineering learning packs

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