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Beautiful solutions for your professional needs

Whether it is teaching apprentices or developing your latest project, we understand the requirements of our technical market places. Afterall, we are developing products that we also use on a daily basis to help other customers realise their own dreams. Our vision is to provide our customers with the best tools to simplify development cycles through rapid prototyping, support test and deployment processes and at the same time reduce the learning curve for your staff without compromising capability.

At Matrix, we have a skilled team of Engineers with complimentary skill sets drawn from a wide range of experience. Our products and solutions have all been designed and developed by highly skilled Engineers in the heart of West Yorkshire.

Solutions for Industrial Application

If you are looking for a technology solution that will enhance you and your company´s reputation for delivering quality, we are sure we have something for you. Meeting time critical deadlines, and delivering quality, fast are two key, essential needs for today´s ever-developing markets.

We have a range of top quality solutions designed for delivering success to Engineers, Technicians and experts around the World.


We work with companies to provide professional service capabilities too. If you are using our solutions in a professional environment and you need to make use of the expertise we have at our disposal, do not hesitate to get in touch. Whether your developments are just getting started with Arduino or you’re experience with PIC or Arduino programing, our professionals are sure to be able to help you.

Whether it be on-site training, full extended services where our engineers become part of your development process, or customer support over the phone, you can be sure we will be able to develop a package that suits your needs.

We also offer many free resources. From our Support Page, our Resource Centre or our in-context Wiki for Flowcode, there is help all the way. Our training solutions, for example are provided with full curriculum and learning materials including experiments, step-by-step worksheets and teacher´s guides to ensure the learning objectives are delivered to the user.

Our online forum, manned daily by our own team of Engineers and long-term solution users is a perfect way for you look for ideas, help and support cost-effectively.

automotive enginering courses


Bosch Automotive Service Solutions:

“Matrix TSL have proven themselves as a global supplier of high-end training products.
The team provided their logistics expertise and assistance to ensure Bosch Automotive Service Solutions was able to deliver high-end training products to our customers in the Asia Pacific region.”

Steve Stylianou
Regional Key Account Manager

Sargent Electrical Services Ltd:

“In our fast paced and price conscious market the need to react to customer challenges means that we must have the right tools and processes in place to deliver innovative solutions. We see the Matrix Extended Services as a key element to enhance our designs, improve our time to market and reduce our overall design costs.”

Dave Chapman
Technical Manager


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