Deluxe Arduino starter pack

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Deluxe Arduino starter pack





If you want to create more advanced projects or if you want to learn how to develop systems with more than one microcontroller, then the deluxe Arduino starter pack is the right choice. The E-Blocks deluxe starter pack contains two E-Blocks Arduino mega shields as well as a terminal board, 2 LED boards, an LCD board, 2 switch boards, a dual 7-segment display block, a power board, an SPI and D/A board, keypad board, prototype board, patch board, USB 232 board, a sensors mother board with thermistor sensor, digital temperature sensor, gyroscope sensor, PIR sensor and magnetometer sensor along with 2 metal backplanes, nuts and bolts, a power supply and rugged trays and foam inserts for storage.

This deluxe starter pack can be used for learning and developing a number of E-Blocks projects. For learners, the starter pack is compatible with our "An Introduction to Microcontroller Programming" course which is available from our learning centre. This 50 hour course teaches the basics of developing projects based on microcontrollers using our Flowcode software. The starter pack is also compatible with Arduino's own design tools and is a flexible hardware platform for learning C code, Assembly and other languages.

Please note, this deluxe starter pack contains two E-Blocks Arduino shields. The Arduino boards themselves must be sourced separately.

Key Features

  • Facilitates rapid product development and learning
  • Includes mounting platforms, nuts and bolts
  • Based on the E-Blocks Arduino mega shield
  • Free course available on our website
  • Includes storage case, leads and power supply


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