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Flowcode 6
FC6 Icon.png
FC6 Box Cover.jpg
Developer Matrix TSL
Initial release 3rd September 2013
Development status Active
Written in C++
Operating system Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows 8

Platform IA-32 and x86-64
Available in Over 20 languages
Type Advanced graphical programming software
License Proprietary
Blog site

Flowcode Help

Detailed glossary style overview of the aspects of the Flowcode 6 environment broken down into relevant sections to aid in finding the knowledge you require to use Flowcode effectively.

Typical Usage Scenarios

Information on some of the more common uses for Flowcode v6 and how to go about getting up and running.


Complex methods, techniques and functionality used in Flowcode explained in a robust and practical manner, with reference to conventions used outside of Flowcode as well as information linking to functionality directly integrated within Flowcode.

Learning To Program

A free introductory course on Microcontrollers using Flowcode plus an additional list of exercises to further improve your skills in the Flowcode 6 environment. Advanced users can start at the exercises to familiarize themselves with the new interface, features and functionality.

Component Help

List of components which provide detailed information about individual components as well as examples of them in use. The information provided includes component and simulation macro references as well as property references and component functionality.

Simulation Functionality

Structured overview of the library of Simulation Event macros and Simulation Functions. The information provided includes simulation macro references as well as event triggers and functionality.

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