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The aluminium platform is compact enough to provide table top portable learning, whilst being a large enough area for the largest circuit in the curriculum and provides a solid foundation to which the components are fixed using ‘tee’ bolts which are easily secured and released allowing components to be quickly positioned and held firmly in place.

Each of the Automatics components is mounted on to a clear acrylic carrier. Slots in the carrier allow ‘tee’ bolts to firmly fix the components in place. Each carrier is printed with the product code for easy identification and the industry standard symbol for the part. Components which require electrical connections use standard 4mm single pole connectors, suitable for ‘safety’ shrouded plugs. Leads are also available as part of the range.

Picture of Lead, red. 500mm, 4mm to 4mm stackable


Picture of Lead, black, 500mm, 4mm to 4mm stackable


Picture of Lead, yellow, 500mm, 4mm to 4mm stackable



Picture of Automatics interactive courseware


Picture of Cylinder, single acting, 10 * 40 mm


Picture of Cylinder, double acting, 10 * 80 mm



Picture of Valve, flow control


Picture of Valve, mini shuttle


Picture of Valve, 3/2, button-spring



Picture of Valve, 3/2, diaphragm-spring


Picture of Valve, 3/2, lever-spring


Picture of Valve, 3/2, roller-spring



Picture of Valve, 5/2, lever-spring


Picture of Valve, 5/2, pilot-pilot


Picture of Valve, 3/2, solenoid-spring



Picture of Valve, 5/2, double-solenoid


Picture of Tubing, 4mm, blue, 30 m length


Picture of Tubing, 4mm, yellow, 30 m length



Picture of Tubing, 4mm, clear, 30 m length


Picture of Tubing, 4mm, red, 30 m length


Picture of Tube cutting tool



Picture of Compressor


Picture of Manifold


Picture of Platform



Picture of Tee-bolts and sleeves (pack of 50)


Picture of Junction, equal tee


Picture of Reservoir 45cc



Picture of Reed switch and holder


Picture of Switch, push to make


Picture of Microswitch



Picture of Light sensor


Picture of Power panel


Picture of Power supply




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