An introduction to E-Blocks2


E-blocks2 is the latest generation of microcontroller boards from Matrix. With over 30 boards available, the E-blocks2 range includes upstream and downstream boards, as well as cost saving bundles, all of which allow you to build a complete system in a matter of minutes.

The E-blocks2 system is ideal for everyone, from those learning in an educational environment to engineers in the industrial world. Use of E-blocks is well supported with complementary ranges of software (including PIC, dsPIC, ARM and AVR Arduino IDE, Flowcode), and support for Grove® sensors. Technical support is available from our dedicated team through our forums.

E-Blocks2 provide:

  • Flexibility through modular design
  • Small and compact solution
  • Rugged and long lasting
  • Seeed® Grove module compatible
  • In-Circuit Test & Debugging
  • Integration with Flowcode IDE
  • Integration with Arduino
  • Power routed through connectors












E-blocks2 are ideal for learning about electronic systems, digital electronics and for rapid prototyping. The boards fit together in a flat 2D layout manner allowing the entire system to be easily seen and understood. The boards are designed for use in lab style environments and are designed to be both electrically and physically rugged whilst also being easy to use and understand. Our range consists of a number of bundles presented as individual boards or on panels (see right). These are multiple E-blocks2 boards presented in a rugged design, suitable to withstand the rigours of educational environments. We also supply a microcontroller system development kit, alongside free curriculum for those studying about microcontroller programming in school, college or university. This kit (above) is available with the upstream programmer board of the users choice.

E-blocks2 is language independent and can be used with various programming languages allowing for flexible learning and understanding of multiple
software toolchains without requiring multiple hardware sets including Flowcode, MPLAB and the Arduino IDE.


Upstream E-Blocks2








These contain the microcontroller / microprocessor brain that is used to drive the entire system. Usually this is loaded with user firmware to drive the required embedded functionality. These boards allow the host processor to be connected to multiple downstream boards via the microcontroller / microprocessor I/O pins. Upstream boards have facilities to re-program the host processor as well as providing debugging options such as Ghost’s In Circuit Debug (ICD) and In Circuit Test (ICT) functions when used with Flowcode.

To learn about our very own Ghost software within E-Blocks2, please see a previous blog post here!


Downstream E-Blocks2








These contain either a modularised specific feature which you want to connect to your host processor or a collection of features. For example LEDs, Switches, Displays, Communications, Sensors through to the Combo and Actuators boards. Each E-blocks 2 downstream board features an Auto ID device allowing the complete system to be analysed for potential issues and to aid in pre-configuring the software for the upstream firmware.


E-Blocks2 are available from single boards, to bundles with free curriculum and accessories. To find out more about E-Blocks2 and the range available – please visit the website here.

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