Arduino based CAN bus communications training course

We are pleased to announce the release of two exciting new training solutions for embedded electronic engineering and telecommunications. Our CAN bus training course includes our E-blocks2 based hardware platform alongside a 20 hour training manual to facilitate the development and investigation of systems that use the CAN bus protocol.

For the first time, this solution is available as an Arduino based training course, as well as 8-bit PIC based course. By following the manual, learners will discover and explore the following learning objectives and experiments:

  • CAN technology, wiring, topology and networks
  • CAN message structure and physical layer transmission
  • Understanding CAN bus protocols
  • Using buffers in CAN systems
  • Using CAN transmit and receive messages
  • Errors in CAN systems
  • Programming techniques in CAN systems
  • Masks and filters in CAN systems
  • Higher level protocols
  • Development of complete CAN systems based on microcontrollers

Both courses are designed to be used with our Flowcode development environment, which must be bought separately.

Click here for more information about the Arduino based CAN bus course

Click here for more information about the 8-bit PIC based CAN bus course

Click here to view the training manual for this course

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