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Matrix TSL are pleased and proud to announce the launch of our latest product range – E-blocks2. E-blocks2 is the latest generation of microcontroller boards from Matrix. There are currently 21 individual boards in the range released on 30/11/17, with many more boards planned for release in early 2018.

E-blocks2 boards give you a choice of programmer boards, with Arduino and PIC programmer boards already released and additional boards to be added in the New Year. The system then allows users to connect their choice from a range of boards, and build a complete system in a matter of minutes.

Focused on providing support to those teaching or learning about microcontroller systems, E-blocks2 is also appealing for those in industrial environments who are looking for a rapid prototyping platform for their electronic system.

E-blocks2 also includes full compatibility with first generation E-blocks boards, through the use of our special connector boards: E-blocks upstream to E-blocks2 downstream connector (BL0113) and E-blocks2 upstream to E-blocks downstream connector (BL0119)

Why choose E-blocks2?

  • Flexibility through modular design
  • Small & compact solution
  • Rugged and long lasting for educational use
  • Seeed Grove® module compatibility
  • In-Circuit Test & Debug using Ghost Technology
  • Integration with Flowcode, Arduino and other IDEs
  • Power routed through strong har-flex® connectors

The E-blocks2 range consists of a number of products including:

Boards:There are currently 21 separate circuit boards in the range; from simple LED boards to more complex boards like device programmers and connector boards to give compatibility with first generation E-blocks boards.

E-blocks can be snapped together using the rugged har-flex® connectors, to form a wide variety of systems that can be used for teaching or learning about microcontroller systems, and for the rapid prototyping of complex electronic systems.


The BL0524 PIC and BL0540 Arduino microcontroller system development kits are perfect for those learning about microcontrollers in an educational environment and are supplied with free curriculum on microcontroller systems for engineers.

The modularity and flexibility of E-blocks2 makes the system the perfect platform for learners who want to test themselves on many design combinations. These bundles are designed for development engineers who need a fast track to getting an electronic design completed.

These bundles and development kits of E-blocks2 hardware offer an introduction to the system and provide a low-cost way to learn programming. A free curriculum course is provided to accompany the development kits.

If you are interested in finding out more about E-blocks2, visit the Matrix website at www.matrixtsl.com/eblocks or do not hesitate to get in touch at sales@matrixtsl.com or by calling us on (0)1422 252380.

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