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What are Locktronics Electrical installation kits?

The electrical installation range has been designed to help students to understand the fundamental theory and practice of electrical science with hands on activities. Following the success of our electrical installations range, we have developed five further solutions at level 3 with a suite of unique learning equipment. In addition the recent release of modern electrical machines makes this an invaluable range in the learning of electrical installation.

Each course is accompanied by a full curriculum and detailed colour workbook and are supplied in rugged storage trays, to allow for neat and efficient storage solutions.

What kits are available?

Level 1 + 2 

  • Electrical installation 1 solution
  • Electrical installation 2 solution
  • Transformer construction and operation
  • Electronic components and circuit pack

Electrical Installation 1 Solution – LK5000

The electrical installation 1 solution allows students who aspire to go on to become plumbers or electricians to gain a fundamental understanding of the basic principles of electricity. The learning outcomes are closely aligned with City and Guilds 7202 unit 107 in Electrical science. The kit includes a comprehensive range of practical assignments in electricity, basic circuits and the use of multi meters for measuring and fault diagnosis.

The kit is supplied with a comprehensive set of printable worksheets and teacher’s notes on pdf.




Electrical Installation 2 Solution – LK4063

This kit allows students to understand the electrical science required to become a competent electrician at level 2 through completion of a range of worksheet driven tasks and experiments in electricity and electrical circuits.

The learning outcomes of this kit closely aligned with City and Guilds 8202 unit 202 in Electrical science.  The kit includes a comprehensive range of practical assignments in electricity, basic circuits and the use of multimeters for measuring and fault diagnosis.  The kit is supplied with a comprehensive set of printable worksheets and teacher’s notes.



Transformer construction and operation – LK1989


The Transformer construction and operation pack allows students to study not only how transformers work, but also study several different properties of induced magnetism.  This kit consists of a plastic base, a laminated iron core, mounting fixtures, and six coils protected in a heat resistant film.  Topics covered in this kit include Lenz’s Law, how iron cores increase magnetic field strength and electromagnetic induction itself.  This versatile piece of equipment can also be used to teach about how transformers used by power companies carry electrical energy.



Level 2 Electronic components and circuits pack – LK2901

This solution allows students to understand the operation of a range of commonly used components in both DC and AC circuits.  The learning outcomes are closely aligned with the requirement of City and Guilds 8202 level 2 topic 4: Understand electronics components.

The kit includes a range of practical assignments which guide students from simple circuits that allow them to understand component operation through to circuits that are made up of a number of components that perform useful tasks in electrical systems.



Level 3 

  • Three Phase systems
  • Moments kit
  • Modern Electrical machines
  • Principles of lighting
  • Electrical installation circuit principles


Three phase systems – LK4961


This pack is suitable for initial investigations into three phase systems. The pack includes the parts needed to set up three phase systems based on star and delta topologies with balanced and unbalanced loads. The pack allows power measurements to be understood and it includes a low voltage three phase motor. A full colour workbook with teachers’ notes is included. HP5834, 4 input Picoscope available as an accessory to this kit and also HP5561, current clamp is also available.



Moments kit – HP5010


This kit includes a rigid beam for experiments in the principle of moments, extending to levers and beams. It shows the three main lever types (1st, 2nd and 3rd order) and includes an L shape plate for experiments in bell crank levers. A pulley allows extra experiments with moments caused by oblique forces. The rigid beam allows experiments that show the use of moments to find unknown weights, creating simple beam balances. It also works with spring balances to show reaction forces on beams with point loads and uniformly distributed loads (UDLs). Worksheets, guidance notes and lecturer notes (with answers) needed for typical experiments are supplied with the work panel.





8202 level 3 – Principles of lighting – LK2285


This solution allows students to understand the principles of designing lighting systems for domestic and industrial buildings.  The kit consists of a Locktronics base board, a set of high power MES LED bulbs, switch and connectors and a light meter.

Students can arrange the bulbs in varying positions and densities and measure light intensity using the light meter provided.  Students can explore the different effects on light intensity through the angle of lighting, the distance away from the light source, and the density of light sources.




8202 level 3 – Electrical installation circuit principles – LK4562


This solution covers two separate topics.  Firstly students can use the Locktronics components and a signal generator to export inductive and capacitive reactance and to compare the effects these have on circuits with resistance.

Secondly, the pack includes a selection of components that allows students to explore how solenoids and relays are used in electronics circuits, and how circuit breakers and RCDs are used in electrical safety systems.




Modern electrical machines system – EM6637

Modern electrical machines training system is a revolutionary way of safely studying the characteristics of different motor types in a learning environment. This solution includes seven different types of machine, integrated power supply and control box and PC-based applications for advanced controller of the different machine types. Further to this, we provide four separate curriculum manuals for teaching electrical machines principles using manual control with external meters, using PC control and also control using MATLAB.




The electrical installation range has been designed to meet the requirements of the popular City and Guilds courses for both electricians and plumbers. As with all of our Locktronics solutions, full curriculum worksheets are available to help students understand the fundamental theory and practice. Recently we have added new solutions to our Electrical Installation offering, including kits designed to meet the needs of those studying to level 3 with topics including ‘Principles of Lighting’ and ‘Circuit Principles’, along with our range of modern electrical machines.

All of our solutions in electrical installation are also suitable for the corresponding EAL qualifications.

Find out more about our curriculum mapping and the levels of UK education.


A user of Matrix’s Locktronics range, Mr Joe Robinson, has created a fantastic YouTube channel, where he uploads videos of him using many different products. He has a lot of video’s on his channel, where he can be seen using the electrical installation kit, including modern electrical machines from Matrix. Please have a look at his channel and video’s, to learn more and to see the different kits in use!

To visit Joe’s channel, click here!


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