Flowcode 7 FREE trial version now available


We’re pleased to announce that there is now a completely free version of Flowcode 7 available for you to download here.

What’s more, users can now also unlock a 30 day trial which allows for all features of Flowcode 7 to be utilised.

This announcement coincides with the release of Flowcode 7.1 which includes a number of developments from the original v7.0 that was released in July. A list of developments is below:


  • Improved free version with download capability for 38 targets including Matrix’s own hardware and popular chips and boards such as PIC16F1937, Arduino Uno and ChipKIT uC32.
  • Full 30-day unlock trial for trial purposes to see if Flowcode suits your needs.
  • Project explorer improved with <add new…> entries – this makes creating new variables and macros more intuitive.
  • Added support for PIC32MMxxx and PIC24FJxxxGA3xx devices.
  • Creation of a new WS2811/WS2812 component to drive and simulate chained LED controller ICs.
  • New electro-mechanical simulation components under a new “sim” license – these provide engaging simulations for engineering students.


A complete document detailing all of the changes (including fixes) in the new version can be downloaded here.

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