Flowcode 8 Vlog 3: Pseudocode

Flowcode 8 offers lots of variety when it comes to programming. In a previous post and video, we showed the new Blocks mode, which allows users to program in a new graphical way, distinct from flowcharts. But what about users who wish to code using a text-based method, but might find the quirks of the C programming language complicated and difficult to learn?

Using the new Pseudocode mode, users can enjoy all the benefits of an imperative, linear, text-based programming style, but without the difficulties that come with producing code that must be understood by a compiler. This is another great way to teach programming to beginners, allowing them to understand important coding concepts such as loops, conditional statements, and variable assignment, but in a simple and easy-to-use way.

The Pseudocode mode allows you to do all of the things that you can do with the flowchart, C code, and Blocks programming modes. Create, delete and manipulate icons, simulate your program, and compile the results to hardware. Synchronisation between the various programming modes now allows you to view the same program in four different ways.

Check out the short vlog below, which explains more.

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