Flowcode 8 Vlog 6: PICkit 3 for PIC programming

At Matrix we develop both hardware and software solutions. In terms of software, there is of course Flowcode. Our hardware includes our popular E-blocks2 platform, which allows both students and enthusiasts to rapidly build prototype systems. But, while Flowcode works extremely well with our own E-blocks and E-blocks2, providing advanced debugging facilities, it is important to remember that Flowcode works with a wide range of commonly-encountered hardware.

One popular piece of such hardware is the PICkit 3 by Microchip Technology. This programmer targets almost the full range of microcontrollers from Microchip. In combination with Flowcode 8, you can get easily-developed programs up -and-running on almost any PIC microcontroller in minutes.

The PICkit 3 from Microchip


Check out the video below where we show how to program a PIC32 device using Flowcode 8 and the PICkit 3.

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