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Learn about programming Arduino at our workshop in December

The Arduino craze has taken the electronics world by storm. Suddenly, microcontrollers are cool and developing electronic systems is both affordable and accessible, with a whole community bursting with ideas and maker projects.

But, what if you’re new to all this? what do you do if you’re just getting started with Arduino? The development environment offered by Arduino to generate code and create your projects can be daunting for beginners. Maybe you even find it non-user friendly?

With this in mind, here at Matrix TSL we have decided to run a free workshop (well, we are asking for a small donation), designed to show you the cool, easy way to develop electronic projects using a simple, graphical method of programming Arduino and other devices. With Flowcode you can jump right in and have your own projects working in literally minutes.

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Check out our Getting Started with Arduino beginners guide.

This is an opportunity to learn more about Arduino and graphical programming language, Flowcode, at our workshop in West Yorkshire. Refreshments will be provided and it’s a chance for you to ask a team of skilled engineers all you wish to know about the world of programmable electronics.

If you’re interested in coming along to find out more at the event in Halifax, West Yorkshire on Wednesday 16 December 3pm – 5.30pm, visit our Eventbrite page and sign up today. Places are limited.

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