Flowcode Version 9 – Available now!


Our new version of Flowcode is available now! 

Flowcode, now has its very own website www.flowcode.co.uk where you will find lots of information about Flowcode and the features of the new upgrade. You can also now find on the website, component lists which detail the free components available, along with the components of each feature pack.

As always, there is a huge amount of support available for Flowcode users on our dedicated forum. A new forum dedicated to Flowcode version 9 is now available here. If you have any technical queries relating to version 9, this is the first place to direct them for technical support. We have experienced users and technicians online, ready to answer questions.


What’s new?

State machines: this new, graphical interface allows you to make use of this powerful programming paradigm. Included on all versions.

App developer: allows users to quickly and easily create programs to control and monitor devices external to the PC; on your desk, in your building, in your town or in another country.

ESP32 support: Flowcode now supports a range of new devices for this powerful 80MHz board level device with integrated TCP/IP stack, and Wi-fi built in.

New IoT components: Easily integrate your hardware into the cloud using Wi-Fi/LAN and link to browser-based HMI using utilities like Thingspeak, iCloud and Mosquitto.


Please also visit our dedicated YouTube channel for video and more information on the exciting features of this new release!

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