Formula AllCode code-agnostic robotics is coming

Formula AllCode – a complete course in robotics comprising of a code-agnostic robot buggy, suitable for keen robotics enthusiasts and beginners alike is set to be launched by Matrix TSL this coming January.









The latest prototypes of the Formula AllCode landed at Matrix HQ this week.

The unique, impressive robot will be accompanied by a range of accessories including a full, online PDF course, maze wall pack and maze and activity mat. Available from January will be a host of kits and packs to suit everyone’s needs; from the lone-ranger to a classroom full of budding computer programmers or robotics students. Matrix will be offering standard single buggy packs, deluxe packs and multi-robot packs for those wanting to use Formula AllCode to teach and learn more about robotics.

The robot itself boasts an impressive specification set with Bluetooth connectivity meaning you can program the buggy from any platform with Bluetooth capabilities including Raspberry-Pi, Android devices via AppInventor and the like, Flowcode, MATLAB, LabVIEW and more. More specification information can be found on the Matrix website.

Formula AllCode will also come complete with a course in robotics comprising of a whole range of activities from simple RoboIO – allowing users to use on board switches and LED’s to Tilt and Turn tasks, Drag Races and more.

As the BETA pages of the Matrix website begin to take shape in the coming weeks, keep your eyes out for more information. You can even secure your Formula AllCode robot buggy for 15% less than the January RRP by emailing us at today.

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