Getting started with Arduino

In today’s world we use microcontrollers more and more. These marvels of modern electronics are all-pervading, yet their use is so subtle that we often use them without realising it. Billions are sold every year!

We use the in devices such as:

  • The security token device use in online banking
  • Mobile phones, to set up and oversee our calls
  • Microwave ovens to control the display and operation
  • Engine management systems in our cars – increasingly we are ‘driving-by-wire’
  • Digital cameras to control the focus and shutter controls
  • Television remote controls

At Matrix TSL, although PIC programming has been a focus for a number of years, and a number of our hardware solutions are based on PIC centred devices, Arduino has become more and more the chosen development hardware of both professional engineers and those starting out with microcontroller development alike.

Arduino, Arduino IDE Programming PIC

With this in mind, we have created these free learning resources for those getting started with Arduino, or if you’re looking to get into a more advanced Arduino IDE such as Flowcode.

Simple microcontroller circuits – Arduino

Flowcode Arduino Beginners Guide

What’s more, we have also adapted our very own Eblocks rapid-prototyping suite of hardware for the popular Arduino platform, too. Our EB092 and EB093 Arduino shields allow allow an Arduino compatible board to be connected into an E-blocks system.

Eblocks is a popular platform in both education and professional markets for rapid prototyping designs. In education in particular, the way Eblocks solutions are developed and can be snapped together to form a wide variety of fully functioning systems, lends itself perfectly to learning environments.

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