GSM Controlled LED Array System


Hey Everyone,

This is my first Matrix blog post, and I thought it was about time that I shared with you one of my projects that I actually finished      🙂

For a video of the system … click here <<<<

Hardware used:

(EB006 Multiprogrammer) , (EB066 GSM board) , ( EB087 5 x LED Array boards) , (EB005 LCD board) , (ECIO 40) (EBM001 GLCD Screen) (1 Standard pc fan 12V)

So this entire unit is powered by Matrix hardware and programmed using the awesome Flowcode 6  programming software. So …. the system is simple, I send a message to a sim card that is running in the on-board hardware and the message is then displayed on the LED ARRAY boards in a scrolling fashion.

I started this project with initially just scrolling random messages across the LED Array boards just to understand how the messages would appear which proved useful.

The next step was to actually get the hardware working,


the code for this programme was difficult to a certain extent, but I had a helping hand from Ben Rowland who is one the Matrix Developers. He helped me out quite a bit and got me going, and from this I elaborated the programme. and got the results I want. ATM I have the received String in a continuous loop and a manual re-set is required to display a new string, however this is quite easy to change to something that displays a message for a certain amount of time then resets   🙂 Maybe even an IR controlled reset button could be cool….

I also have a ECIO running the GCLD screen with a simple message that displays the number to text….again I could run the GLCD screen via the EB006 Multiprogrammer and have it interact with the messages that are received however ATM I am quite happy just as it is.

I did the CAD work on a 2d drawing platform and then laser cut the case out of 4MM acrylic, the CAD work literally took about 15 mins to draw up this was definitely the easiest part of the whole project.

I will soon be making all the CAD files available and the Flowcode files available as-well as a video of the system running   🙂

Flowcode files here :

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