Matrix & ATLAB – supplying STEM education in the UAE

With the rise in the teaching of STEM education globally in the last few years, teachers have been faced with the challenge of teaching often complex topics involving technical learning platforms and therefore preparing students for the advanced technological world in which we live and work.

Amongst popular STEM disciplines to be taught here in the UK, in the US and beyond has been the study of microcontrollers. Microcontrollers are a common part of almost all of the everyday products we use which feature electrical/electronic parts. The kettle, the toaster, your car to name but a few.

More recently, the study of microcontrollers and programming them has become something people do at home, in their spare time and at a young age, too. The Raspberry-Pi and Arduino have brought microcontroller devleopment to the masses.

Late in 2016, we were proud to supply 50 schools in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) across Dubai and Abu Dhabi with products for the study of microcontroller systems within their STEM labs. We did this by working closely with our partner based in the UAE, ATLAB. ATLAB is a technology based hands-on learning solutions company that is focused on providing innovative educational training systems and laboratory equipment of the highest quality to Educational Institutions, Technical Universities, and Industrial (Vocational) Training Centres.

ATLAB, through their strong links to the Ministry of Education in the UAE were able to ensure the supply of a suite of Matrix learning solutions based on PIC, Atmel AVR, Arduino and ARM microcontroller platforms. Combined with Flowcode 7 and a host of solutions for the study of sensors, actuators, servos and motors plus basic communications students age 14-18 across the two main UAE learning hubs will be learning using our advanced solution platforms.

Earlier this month, Matrix Managing Director Liam Walton and Senior Software Engineer, Simon Bailey visited the ATLAB training teamee image above) in Dubai to deliver a 2 day training course. The knowledge of the training team at ATLAB was a pleasure to experience. Their commitment to learning a new software and new hardware range was exemplary and their experience wide ranging. We’re most certianly looking forward to continuing our strong partnership with ATLAB in the future.

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