Matrix have a Formula for success with latest robotics Kickstarter

This Friday, 7 August Matrix TSL launch their first ever Kickstarter campaign with a state of the art robot buggy and robotics course they are hoping to launch in early 2016.

Formula AllCode
is a robotics course which includes a high specification, Bluetooth enabled robot.

The project consists of:

  • The Formula AllCode robot itself
  • A FREE PDF course in robotics
  • Accessories used to learn including graphical mat and maze walls

The robot which can be controlled using a powerful dsPIC chip can be used with hosts including Windows, MAC, Raspberry Pi, Android and iPhone and a number of examples can be seen in our headline video and on our website at

A low cost robot buggy, the AllCode is great for makers to test their skills and capabilities using an interesting and diverse platform or for introducing younger school children to programming and robotics in a fun and motivating way with huge scope for further work and competitions.

The major benefit of Formula AllCode is that you learn about robotics with a software and hardware platform of your choice.

Not only is this a superb learning tool with free robotics PDF course, but also a robot that is compatible with hardware from Raspberry Pi to Android to iPhone, Windows PC’s, MAC and more.

What’s more, you can program the AllCode via just about anything including Flowcode, LabVIEW, MATLAB, Python and AppBuilder.

Find out more about Formula AllCode here:

You can get behind the Formula AllCode Kickstarter and pledge your support when the project launches on Friday 7 August. For more details, visit

The Formula AllCode Buggy

Formula AllCode is a versatile solution for both beginners and advanced robotics users and is compatible with just about any programming interface.

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