microCNC – 3 axis mill CAD package to machining


The MicroCNC range brings CNC machining and prototyping to the masses. An easy to use system that is perfect for teaching and learning about key principles of CNC maching and CAD programming, this is a cost effective solution that can be packed away easily.

The 3 axis MicroCNC milling machine allows students to understand how G codes are used to control a CNC operated milling machine.  The three stepper motors and DC  motor connect to our CNC system controller hardware to allow full control of the miller using the G code file host software.  Students can use the hardware and software to see how each G code command affects the machine operation and create complex work pieces from PU blocks or acrylic pieces.

Learning objectives/experiments

  • 3 axis CNC machine construction
  • Simple G and M code protocol
  • CNC machine operation using G Codes
  • Creation of milled parts using CNC technology

Suitable for:

  • Unit 23 of BTEC Higher National: CAD/CAM
  • Unit 43 of the BTEC National award in Engineering: Manufacturing CNC machine processes


This video gives a short explanation of how users can go from their CAD designs in Solidworks, SketchUp, AutoCAD and more, through to a finished CNC part.


For more information on the whole MicroCNC range please visit the website here!

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