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Liam Walton 06 09 13

Hi everyone! I thought I would introduce myself to you all as I am new to Matrix having only started here last week. I have started as Matrix’s new Business Development Manager.

It has been a really hectic first two weeks for me – I haven’t come from an engineering (let alone electronic engineering) background so there’s loads for me to learn about our products. I think I’m getting to grips with things now – I gave my first presentation on the brand new (and very impressive) Flowcode v6 yesterday down at a University yesterday. What’s more it went really well!

I will be driving forward the marketing of the organisation, strive to increase the support we give to partners and dealers and help the organisation to develop and grow in the coming months and years. I am looking to establish more partners for Matrix over the next year or so too – both project partners and sales partners. Plus I am keen for us to tap more into the industrial market with our products.

The team we have here is fantastic and what we have to offer is great too. I’ll pop my email address on here  so if you want to get in touch, feel free!

Remember to keep checking back on the blog, I will update it from time to time with some of my own entries but we’ll also be getting our talented development team to share some of their work with you too!

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