New Arduino, PIC, dsPIC, Raspberry Pi & ARM kits

E-blocks2 is the latest generation of microcontroller boards from Matrix. E-blocks2 modular boards provide learners and developers with a flexible suite of electronic blocks that snap together using rugged har-flex connectors, to form a wide variety of electronic systems.

We released our solutions for Arduino and 8-bit PIC users a few months ago, and this month we are pleased to announce the launch of several new microcontroller boards, breakout boards and full education kits on various platforms including Raspberry Pi, ARM and dsPIC. A full list of the new range is available below:


  • BL0032 dsPIC programmer (including Ghost Technology)
  • BL0036 Raspberry Pi board (right)
  • BL0061 ARM programmer (including Ghost Technology)

In the next month, we will also add an AVR programmer board to the range.

What’s more, the Raspberry Pi board will also include Ghost Technology support later this year – keep an eye out for more detail on this. Check out our new Ghost Technology page including “How To” videos, here


In the next month, we will also add and Ethernet and gLCD downstream boards to the range.


We are also launching a number of new bundles. These are the same as the PIC and Arduino bundles launched before Christmas, but for the new development platforms. We have included programmer and combo boards mounted on a printed panel, featuring visual diagrams to help users understand and learn how the microcontroller and combo board are interfaced without the requirement for multiple reference datasheets.

  • BL0503 dsPIC microcontroller system development kit
  • BL0514 dsPIC development centre and printed panel
  • BL0564 dsPIC programmer and combo board
  • BL0575 Raspberry Pi microcontroller system development kit
  • BL0557 Raspberry Pi development centre and printed panel
  • BL0560 Raspberry Pi programmer and combo board
  • BL0546 ARM microcontroller system development kit
  • BL0593 ARM development centre and printed panel
  • BL0596 ARM programmer and combo board

In the next month, we will also add AVR bundles to the range.

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