New Locktronics & Automatics Released

At Matrix we strive to bring you a diverse range of solutions within our Locktronics range and this month sees the launch of two new solutions in basic and electrical engineering. We are also adding to our increasingly popular Automatics range with our new PLC adaptors.   Scroll down to read more about the new Locktronics and Automatics products released this month.



LK3566 – Fault Finding in Electronic CircuitsLK3566-72-1

This solution allows students to learn how to use test equipment, by testing the major groups of active and passive components on a fully working circuit to understand the circuit’s function.  After the supervisor has inserted a faulty carrier, supplied, on each circuit, the student must then deduce the fault through the use of the appropriate instruments.  Five fully tested and assembled circuits are supplied – combinational logic circuit, counter circuit, motor control circuit, regulated AC power supply circuit, Astable multivibrator and Class C transistor amplifier circuit.


LK4961 – Three Phase Systems LK4961-72-1

This pack is suitable for initial investigations into three phase systems, based on star and delta topologies with balanced and unbalanced loads.  The pack allows power measurements to be understood and includes a low voltage three phase motor.


HP6320 – Locktronics Demo Panel HP6320-72-1

Following feedback from UK schools, we have produced a Locktronics panel with two baseboards fitted to an aluminium frame designed for demonstrations at the front of the class whilst students are working with any of the solutions from the Locktronics range.


Automatics PLC Adaptors PLC-72-1

Although designed to allow PLCs to interface with our Automatics range of pneumatics learning resources, these PLC add-ons can be used in any situation where students are connecting PLCs to other equipment and the tutor wants to minimise potential damage from errors in wiring to the PLC.

The products in the range are:

HP6700 – Input module which allows 8 inputs to be connected

HP6711 – Power module which allows 4 pairs of power terminals to be connected

HP6723 – Motor module which allows 4 motor outputs to be connected

HP6752 – Relay module which allows 4 relay outputs to be connected

HP6785 – Mounting bracket for mounting up to 4 adaptors plus PLC.  The DIN rail can be mounted at 3 different heights to suit requirements.


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