See Flowcode 7 at Microchip’s US MASTERs 2016


Next week (17th to 20th August), I will be exhibiting and speaking at the prestigious Microchip MASTERs conference in Phoenix, Arizona. The 20th Annual Worldwide MASTERs confernece is an opportunity for us to showcase the all new Flowcode 7 and all of the potential it holds for users of Microchip and Atmel products.

At the conference, you will find me exhibiting some of the latest features of Flowcode 7 including how it can assist in your design departments as professional engineers, to get over code porting issues, speed up MCU development time and work easily with PIC8, PIC16, PIC32 and AVR hardware and much more.


I will also be using MASTERs as a forum for presenting some of the more advanced features of Flowcode; In-Circuit-Test and In-Circuit-Debug, the new code profiling feature, the new oscilloscope built into version 7 alongside the console and data recorder (see image above) and also giving information on how you can make use of a ‘free’ version of Flowcode 7.

On Friday 19 August I will be giving a more detailed presentation of Flowcode 7 on Academic Day. I hope you can join me there.

Find out more about Flowcode at or for more information on how you can use Microchip hardware with Flowcode, check out this article: Flowcode 7 NEW FEATURE – easy programming for Microchip hardware.

Paul Newill, Matrix TSL Applications Engineer

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