Simplifying electricity in Papa New Guinea

With over 70% of the educational solutions we sell going to far flung corners of the Globe, it is always nice to strike up a relationship with teachers and schools in places which couldn’t be further from us here the the UK.

Our solutions for science allow teachers to simplify the teaching of physics – and more specifically, electricity – with their students. The solutions, packaged in transportable and tidy Gratnells trays also come with free curriclum resources and worksheets, meaning a complete solution to the challenges of teaching a tricky subject.

Recently, we supplied a school in Papa New Guinea with a suite of science solutions for their school in Port Moresby. This week we received the photos below of some of the students there using the solutions in their lab.

Locktronics photo 1c Locktronics 1a Locktronics photo 8 Locktronics photo 7

Peter Jackson from the science department had this to say; “Students at Port Moresby International School (Papua New Guinea) really enjoyed using Locktronics kits to understand the function of diodes, transistors and logic gates as part of the Grade 12 PNG Physics course. The hands on approach allows students to experiment with different circuits and discover how the components work.”

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