Testing your program and analysing data in Flowcode 8.2 using Ghost

Flowcode 8.2 has just released and contains a host of improvements. Some of the great new additions include easier-to-use Ghost functionality and an overhauled Data Recorder and Oscilloscope.

Ghost technology is a feature of Matrix hardware. One of its features is the ability to view the states of pins on your microcontroller, from Flowcode, in real-time. This has never been easier to use than in Flowcode 8.2. All you need to do is plug your hardware into your PC via USB, select the relevant pins in the Oscilloscope or Data Recorder, and activate Ghost using the control button. You’ll immediately start to see the chosen pins’ data represented on screen.

The Oscilloscope is designed to mimic a physical hardware oscilloscope in appearance and function. The values of the pins are drawn on the screen as a horizontal waveform. You can change the height of the wave, or the time interval that is being examined. Sophisticated triggering with multiple modes (single or repeat sweep, combined with rising or falling edge trigger) is available, to allow you to view just the important data that matters.

The Data Recorder on the other hand, is great for detailed analysis of the history of the pins. It remembers the values of the pins for a long time, and allows you to examine the time between two transitions on a pin. Moreover, if you use the Data Recorder in combination with certain comms components that are available in Flowcode, you can often decode the stream into easily viewable packets of data.

Download Flowcode 8.2 at the following link. A 30-day free trial with access to all features is available.


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