Using the Matrix Electrical machines kit to teach transformers at Level 4 & 5









A transformer is a static device that converts alternating current from one voltage level to another level (higher or lower), or to the same level, without changing the frequency. This can be taught to your students using our electrical machines equipment and the new Transformers add-on.


In a recent webinar, we discussed the main benefits and features of our electrical machines training system and showcased how this add- on allows users to add transformer construction study to the system. this has been incorporated in to our Advanced electrical machines curriculum, which is designed to deliver the learning outcomes of BTEC Higher National units 21 and 42 (Electrical machines and Further machines and drives), plus Electrical Engineering degree programmes at University level.

The main learning objectives achieved include:

  • Open and short circuit characteristics of transformers
  • Circuit modelling of transformers using MATLAB and LabVIEW

To find out more about this system, please click to view our website and the curriculum or watch a recording of our webinar, available here.

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