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 Basics of Automotive   Automotive Fault   Automotive Motors, Generators   Automotive ECU
 Electricity  Finding  and Charging Systems  Architecture and Logic
 LK2240  LK8170  LK2410  LK1800

 Automotive Electricity  Automotive Fault   Automotive Motors,   Automotive ECU
 Finding  Generators and Charging  Architecture and Logic

 Batteries and High   Automotive   CAN and LIN Bus
 Voltage Systems  Oscilloscaope Use  Sense and Control V3  Systems
              All  solutions  from  Matrix  come  with  a  full  free  curriculum.  This  is  easily
 LK5281  LK9155  LK1142  LK0235
              accessed from our Learning Centre on the website and includes full student
              worksheets and teachers notes.
 Automotive High   Automotive   Sense and Control  CAN and LIN Bus   CAN Bus : Under
                                         LEARNING                                         LEARNING CENTRE
 Voltage Battery Circuits  Oscilloscope Use  Fundamentals  the Hood                         SCAN TO VISIT


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