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MIAC NXT  MI5550  MIAC NXT                                                                         MI5550

 The MIAC NXT is an educational Electronic Control Unit designed specifically for use in teaching automotive   KEY FEATURES  MIAC NXT
 students how ECUs are used to control the electronic systems in vehicles. The MIAC NXT includes 8 analogue
 or digital inputs, 2 relays, 6 transistor outputs, 3 CAN buses, a LIN bus and connections for USB, Bluetooth,   •  World’s only educational ECU
 Wifi and LAN. The MIAC NXT is provides with an accompanying operating system, or API, which allows it to be   •  Real automotive componentry  •  3 x CAN bus
                                          •  1 x LIN bus
 controlled by any third party programming system and is compatible with Flowcode Embedded and Flowcode   •  Supports J1939 open CAN standard •  USB, Bluetooth, Wifi and LAN
 App Developer. The MIAC NXT is bult with real automotive technology and provides the same functionality as   •  8 inputs
 an automotive ECU. J1939 and OBDII connection are supported through software libraries within Flowcode   •  2 relays  •  Full API provided
 software which are user accessible and allow users to create their own automotive system.  •  Flowcode compatible.  LOCKTRONICS
          •  6 transistor outputs

 Keypad (9 Keys)  Six Solid State High Current Drivers (5A Total)

 Two Relay Outputs (16A 24V)

                                                                                  1 LIN Bus Interface

 9V—24V DC
 Operating Voltage                                                                USB, Bluetooth, Wifi
                                                                                  and LAN

                                                                                  Three Independent
                                                                                  CAN Bus Interfaces

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 4 Line by 20 Character Graphic Display  Eight 12 Bit 0-12v Analogue Inputs

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